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This bag is a second, though you wouldn't notice! A minor error in the stitching with a couple of puncture holes in the leather. I am a perfectionist!


These VHS bags are made from vegan leather with an original VHS sleeve. These unique bags are made by hand by me! The lining is padded with a magnetic clasp and features a leather pocket, enough room for the basics. This bag comes with a gold chain, that can be clipped on or off so can be used as a clutch or cross body bag.


Tips for looking after your bag

- Store your bag out of the sun, the VHS sleeve will fade with sun exposure

- Wipe clean only. 

- Try not to get your bag wet to protect the VHS paper, though it is splash proof!


What happens to the rest of the VHS?

- The VHS box is dismantled and recycled

- The VHS tape is dismantled. The tape goes to the local recycling centre whereas the rest of the VHS tape gets turned into a planter. To be launched soon! 


101 Dalmatian Bag

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