Lots of designs are available as a kids tee: 


Please see the list below and pick out the design of your choice:


Key to My Heart

Keys to the Kingdom

Mermaid Design

Pixel Hearts

See the Light

Mother Knows Best

Lady/Tramp heart

The Arabian Nights

Carousel (as a central chest design for younger years)


The Witch's Runes

I love Advocado

Purple/Red Witch hand

Queen of Hearts

Heart Rose Topiary

Paint the Roses Red

Blue/Pink Wonderland Clock

Alice Clock 

Tale as Old as Time

Golden Beauty

Skull Rock

Golden Ship

Alice's Dress (I'm Alice)

Once Upon a Dream

Balloon Dreamer 


If there are other designs you are interested just send an email - there may be a slightly longer waiting time as I may need to redigitise the design depending on the age of the order. (At no extra cost!)


The size guide and colour guide are in the images.